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Breeding Farm of Cane Corso "Hieramatra" by Luce & Stefano

Address: Cascina Sarona 1, 14026 Montiglio Monferrato (AT) / Regione Piemonte - Italy

Phone and WhatsApp: +39 3280270491 Luce * +39 3349858676 Stefano 

E-mail: / Website:

If you want to buy our puppies of Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), you can take our puppies only in Italy, come in our Breeding farm in Asti city, sorry, we can't send them worldwide. No refund for wrong payment or wait more 3 weeks without take the puppy (contact us before send money via PayPal)

Our Breeding Farm in Montiglio Monferrato (Asti, Italy)